seasons of life

IMG_2865How often do you hear people talk about the seasons; their favourite time of year? Quite often, I´m sure. People like the variety, beauty & quality that come with each season. They all have different opportunities. For instance in the summer we have the opportunity to go swimming whilst in the winter we may have the chance to go skiing.

Seasons change in nature just as they do in our lives. It means that the difficult times don´t last forever. During our lives we have off moments, hard days or tough weeks where we seem to have more than our fair share of troubles. Out of every negative period comes times of positivity. Doesn’t the brightness of day follow the darkness of night? After the rain don´t we get sunshine & sometimes a rainbow?

Sometimes our difficult times seem to go on for an awfully long time. We get depressed. We complain. We moan. What we need to do is adjust our attitude. We need to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We should think of these difficult times as challenges. When we overcome these challenges then we can be proud of ourselves & celebrate our achievements.

Every time we have a tough time always remember it´s not the first one that you´ve experienced. You survived the one before. You probably learnt something from the previous one. Your tough times are temporary. There is always something better around the corner.


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