What would I pack in my suitcase if I could not go home again?

IMG_4196The answer to this question is really easy. I would pack nothing; yes, nothing at all. I´ve been in the position of not being able to go home. Thirty six years I left home not knowing that I wouldn´t be returning. I walked out the door in my pajamas & dressing gown & drove to an unknown future. So I had nothing & never did get back what I had left behind. I made a new life & found new things to bring into my life. That is a story for another time. The point being that I know I could easily take nothing & it wouldn´t affect my future.

However, this question asks what I would pack in my suitcase if I could not go home again. It doesn´t say how big the suitcase is!! I´ll say that it´s a small trolley one that can be used as cabin luggage. I could get quite a few things even in one that size. So here goes……

The first thing would be my Bible – my guide to daily life. The book I would delve into for words of wisdom & advice.

Then I would take my cork screw & can opener for obvious reasons!

My camera would go into the case along with my moleskin notebook & collection of pens. I love journaling so these would be my record of my life´s journey. I mustn´t forget my Dictaphone. Spare batteries too.

I´d also take my pencils, water colours & brushes plus a supply of paper. I love to immerse myself into a make believe world of my own creation. For me painting is a way of relaxation & a way to get lost in time. I think it´s also an extension of my journaling passion.

Have I got ant room left? A little bit I think.

I´d put in my selection of long & narrow scarves. They are so versatile. I can tie my hair back, use one as a belt or conventionally around my neck. They can change & enhance any basic outfit.

Just to finish – I’d put in my atlas to help my free thinking spirit find its way to a place I could call home.


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